moFeet! One Day without Shoes at the Venice Office – TOMS Shoes’Cause Awareness Event

Why did our employees go barefoot yesterday? We believe in supporting the cause that TOMS shoes has based their company mission on: giving shoes to children and people in underdeveloped countries who are in need of shoes to prevent debilitating diseases and to make every day a little bit easier on them. TOMS Shoes is also a local company near our offices so we thought we would show a little love for their worldwide event! Yesterday was their annual “One Day Without Shoes” – the day’s purpose is to bring more attention and awareness to the need for shoes around the world, and how everyone can be apart of the change.

See the TOMS video about this event

It was great to get the whole company involved and show our support for this cause. Did you participate?

1 Reason Why You Should Use MMS Mobile Messaging? MMS to Generate $180 Billion Between 2012-2016

Last Friday Portio Research published its 6th edition of ‘Mobile Messaging Futures’, a study that takes a deep look at the future of messaging based on 5-year OTT messaging forecasts.

The last few years have been difficult for MMS.  It first launched with the expectation it would be interchangeable with SMS, but it was plagued with technical limitations in relation to phones and phone carriers.

With technology and carrier changes occurring at breakneck speed in the last two years, MMS marketing is poised to compete with mobile email marketing head on.

While the study looked at several aspects of the messaging market place, there were five key statistics to take away

  • In 2010, MMS generated $35.2 billion in worldwide revenue (23% annual increase)
  • In 2010, 249 billion MMS messages were sent (47% annual growth)
  • OTT Traffic will surpass 20 trillion messages in 2016
  • MMS will amass revenue exceeding $250 billion in the period 2009-2016
  • MMS will generate revenues of $183.2 billion over the years 2012-2016

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The Money is in Mobile! Mogreet receives an additional $4.1 million to fund expansion and new social mobile technology

Today we’re excited announce that Mogreet has raised $4.1 million in strategic capital, bringing its total funding raised to $14.1 million. The round is being led by Black Diamond Ventures with participation from a number of other prominent investors, including DFJ Frontier, Ascend Ventures, Bryant Park Ventures and Draper Associates.  The new financing will be invested in launching moShare, the industry’s first mobile sharing service, and expanding Mogreet’s global presence in the mobile marketing and mobile advertising markets. Full press release here.

Here are some article excerpts about the new funding round:

wall street journal mogreetMogreet, a service that sends high-quality video, pictures, sound and text

to or from any mobile device, raised $4.1 million in Series B-1 funding led by Black Diamond Ventures, taking its total funding to $14.1 million. The money will be used to launch moShare, a new service built on Mogreet’s technology that lets anyone with a mobile device share multimedia content with anyone else for free.

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Understanding Planet Text: It is all about the numbers!

We at Mogreet frequently are asked why companies should add mobile text (SMS/MMS) messaging into their marketing mix.

Here are the 3 core reasons why you should be using mobile.

  1. Technology has evolved.  Previously, text marketing was difficult due to the limitations put in place by phone carriers.  Technology has evolved to the point where this is no longer an issue.
  2. 97% of Americans has a cell phone that receives MMS text messages.  Mobile messaging works on feature and smart phones alike.
  3. The Consumer is already texting.  Everyone knows what and how to text.  Unlike QR codes, apps or social-based engagement tools, there is very little education needed to drive consumers into a text marketing program

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Mogreet’s Mobile Marketing Solutions Bring Rich Media, Social and Mobile Ad Monetization to Hispanic Audiences

Mogreet Mobile Campaigns Dominate the U.S. Market with Top Spanish-Language Broadcast and Media Companies

Known as the world’s leading mobile video marketing platform, Mogreet is now cementing its place in the industry as the leading mobile messaging solution for Hispanic audiences.

Broadcasters and media companies, including Entravision Communications and impreMedia are among the growing roster of companies that are shifting their marketing and advertising investments from traditional channels to mobile. The Hispanic segment, in particular, offers significant opportunity for marketers, as research suggests that U.S. Hispanics are more engaged with their mobile devices than the average U.S. population. According to ComScore M:Metrics research, 71 percent of Hispanics consume content on their mobile phone, compared with the market average of 48 percent. “Our mobile platforms are becoming an increasingly important component of our sales platform,” said Walter F. Ulloa, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Entravision Communications Corporation. “We made a number of investments in our mobile capabilities during 2011, and the fourth quarter 2011 was our best mobile quarter ever, with mobile revenues more than doubling during the fourth quarter 2011 compared to the fourth quarter 2010.” Continue reading