What’s Next in Mobile Marketing for Retailers: Notes from Mobile Shopping Spring

Last week, Mogreet joined large and small retailers from around the country to discuss the latest innovations and trends in mobile marketing and retail at Mobile Shopping Spring.

There were 3 core discussion themes that captured the attention of this year’s attendees:

  • Mobile message marketing: SMS vs. MMS
  • Apps vs. the Mobile web
  • Understanding QR codes

1: SMS vs. MMS?
SMS remains the one tool that virtually every retail attendee is considering and/or using. And why not? While basic in nature, SMS messaging remains an extremely effective tool to introduce consumers to mobile message marketing. Continue reading

Feature phones vs. smartphones: Why should mobile marketers care?

One of the first questions we in the mobile messaging industry hear when we talk about MMS marketing is “does it work on my phone?”  The answer, of course, is yes, but we thought it might be a good idea to take a step back and look at the differences between feature and smartphones as it relates to mobile marketing solutions.

So what defines a smartphone versus feature phones? How do these phones drive or limit your mobile marketing efforts? And why is phone type so important?  Phone type is important because as mobile phone usage skyrockets, so do the marketing opportunities that go with it.  To give you some understanding of how important the mobile phone has become, here are some interesting statistics:

Credit: ElderGadget.com

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Residential Real Estate and CRE Brokers: Social is Nice, but Mobile Video is Better

Walking past an office building in San Francisco recently, I saw a For Lease sign that included “Follow us on Twitter!”

I had to stop and do a double-take. I can “follow” a building and have it Tweet Me? The only reason I can surmise to “follow” a building is if it were offering to throw Hundred Dollar bills out its windows and would Tweet me the days and times of the money-grab. Who couldn’t use a few extra Ben Franklins to line their pockets?

At Mogreet we’ve seen many successes with our Real Estate clients using “innovative” marketing strategies to effectively drive new business. With the adoption of mobile video on the rise – even among the over 45 crowd – real estate professionals must explore mobile video in their marketing mix.

Here’s a scenario: A prospect drives past a house or building that looks like it may fit their criteria, they text in a keyword and instantly receive a video walk-through of the property on their mobile device with specifications, pricing, and agent contact information. The Mogreet platform will send this person’s mobile number directly to the agent (with permission, of course). It is such a valuable tool for agents because they never know when an opportunity may arise – it could be outside business hours when someone is out for a jog, driving by in a car, or any time at all. Delivering a video or photo flipbook to that prospect any time of day, instantly, to their mobile device, is a great sales tool and provides a leg up on the competition.

A recent survey by Postling states that 73% of Sellers are more likely to list with an agent who offers video services in marketing their property. Enabling that video to be received while the prospect is standing in front of your property is gold. Or at least as good as tossing a Ben Franklin out the window.

To learn more about how Mogreet assists real estate industry professionals with mobile marketing, text keyword “woodrow”, “elevate”, or “paloalto” to 21534 for a demo. Msg & data rates may apply.